This is a photo of some of the stainless steel surgical components that will be used to make the two lamps.

This is a photo of Bill cutting and grinding some components in preparation
for assembly for the first lamp.
Bill is positioning the horizontal spreaders into the lamp. This will be One, very UNIQUE lamp.

This photo shows the basic unit completed. The next component to add is the piece that's laying on the table under the lamp. This will become the pathway for the wiring to the electrical socket.

This is a photo of the lamp base with the center pathway for the wiring. This is a photo of the second lamp during the assembly process. You can see the first lamp in the background with a temporary shade and illuminated.
In this photo Bill is using the Spoolgun to weld up the components.
Bill is fitting the electrical socket and harp to the lamp. This lamp hasn't had the top welded on yet, so this is just to give him an idea what the finished lamp will look like
and another sneak peak at what the lamp will look like when illuminated. And this photo shows the two lamp prototypes.

This was as far as we got in the allotted time. We were able to discuss all the little tricks that would help the assembly of these lamps. Things like fixtures that would help a one man shop position and weld the components

Lamp by Bill Mohr