Jerry Wolfe's class was on forging Non Ferrous Metals. And his project was to create a kinetic piece of sculpture.

This is a photo of cold forging aluminum with the assistance of the air hammer.

Once Jerry had forged the copper and aluminum elements for his sculpture, he moved on to the "mechanical attachment" of those elements to a forged aluminum rod. They were attached using aluminum rivets. Here Jerry is inspecting the forged rivet head.

This is a photo of Jerry making sure that the fourth and final rivet head is properly positioned in the rivet tool in the vice. This tool has a corresponding depression that matches the rivet head, this supports the head and keeps it from being deformed when forging the rivet head on the other side.

Nothing succeeds like success. The riveting operation is complete.

Here's the finished kinetic sculpture. The non ferrous metals used in this project......... aluminum, copper and titanium. The vertical upright is forged titanium.