"I had the incredible opportunity to have a one-on-one class with Bill and I loved every minute of it. I call him the educational oasis for Florida artist. He is a real talented artist with an unselfish passion for teaching.

Bill is a real master, who truly enjoys giving away all the knowledge that he has accumulated in his years of experience. He patiently conveys all the information in an orderly and logical progression, and teaches different angles to tackle a task. He is also a humble and warm person who makes you feel comfortable in the first five minutes with him; and a very amiable lunch companion."
Alfredo Alamo, sculptor

     "In Jan of 2007, I had the honor of visiting Custom Design Metal Arts in Ocala Florida. The purpose of this visit was to see the jewelry scale casting process from start to finish. While I had previously been exposed to lost wax casting on a very large sculptural scale, and had done some very crude sand casting on my own, the microscopic scale of jewelry work fascinated me. My intention was to get to witness the process; maybe if I was lucky, cast one simple thing myself. In the end, I got to cast three original pieces from scratch. The experience is one that I will never forget.

     Bill Roberts is a gifted teacher. After the class, I commented on my theory that All teachers fell into one of two catagories; the ones who "have it in their hearts" and the ones who are "just doing a job." Bill definately "feels teaching." He has all the qualities that make for a good teacher; patients, knowledge, skills, and desire. He let me find my own way thru each stage of the process, passing along hints, ideas, and techniques that helped me surpass my goals. Bill easily identified my skill levels and areas of deficiency, and provided the exact amount of help and direction required to make my visit a great success."
Rich Fizzell, metalsmith

"I wanted to tell you thanks again for what you have taught me. To me, it was invaluable. It provides the foundation I needed to begin practicing. I will remember you always for that After I got home, I wrote down a lot of what I had learned so that it wouldn't disappear from my mind. You are right, practice, practice, practice. That is the way I learn best anyway....

You truly are an amazing teacher. What I liked best is how passionate you are about what you do. It is so much easier to learn and so much more of an experience when the person you are learning from is crazy about what they do.

Thanks so much! I look forward to taking one of your other classes as well."
Tammy Young,  jeweler / designer

"Thank you so much, Bill. I can't begin to express how grateful I am that we found you. I couldn't be more pleased with the rings and the experience :)

If you ever need a recommendation or anything such as that, we would be more than happy to do it. You're an amazing teacher, and explained everything very throughly. Again, we couldn't be happier."
~ Kateri Dodd

"You're a great teacher and I never felt apprehensive about asking the most simple questions. Thanks again for the wonderful experience."
~ Oliver Dodd