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Welcome to ORNAmetal, the web connection to


You are invited to discover Custom Designed,
meticulously hand forged and cast works of elegance.

Lovingly crafted with the utmost attention to detail.
For discriminating tastes and opulent surroundings.

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Hand forged and cast works of Decorative and Architectural Metal Art.
One of a kind, and limited edition designs.
Metalsmithing and Jewelry Instruction.
And I've recently added Cyr Wheels to the list of custom designed metalwork. Looking forward to making something uniquely yours.


Here's what you can expect to find in each section.......
This is just the "front door" to the world of Custom Design Metal Arts.

About the Artist...

 Resume and Background Information.


I specialize in hand forged or custom cast, one of a kind and limited edition designs. I enjoy working with original designs of my own as well as collaborating with clients. Please visit this commissions page to request additional information on any of our services and products.

Metalsmithing / Jewelry Classes and Workshops...

Bill Roberts, Owner and Operator of Custom Design Metal Arts, with over 30 years, full time, experience in decorative metalwork offers: One on One Classes and Workshops in the Metal Arts & Jewelry for the beginner, intermediate, and professional artist. The Studio offers one day, three day and weekly classes, intensive workshops and demonstrations as well as private tutoring. If you have a group that would like to schedule a class/workshop I'd be more than happy to discuss your needs. Open year round. Bill is available to teach workshops and classes at others Schools in the United States and abroad. For scheduling and information visit the next link:  Classes and Workshops. 


Free standing and wall mounted art.

Mirrors......through the looking glass...

Here are a few of the mirrors I've made. Large and small.

Tables....and more tables...

Tables of all sizes. From small plant stands to huge dining tables. And everything in between.


Interior and exterior.

Processes... How we get from...

Making "house jewelry".... In this section I plan to share the day to day noteworthy steps that go into making a piece of ornamental metal


I must mention that some larger jobs are the results of a "team" of skilled craftsmen. I'm a firm believer in giving credit where it is due, and with that in mind, I will always try to add any info regarding others participation in a project. I've had the unfortunate experience of not getting credit for my work in the past, and would never want to do that to another craftsman.

Designs..........many come from "design books" like Treasury of Ironwork Designs, Wrought Iron in Architecture, Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork, Decorative Ironwork of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance which are available from Dover.

Other great resources...are.. Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork - by CoSIRA.

Ocala Magazine: Feature article, Homework. Bill Roberts, Ornamental Metalsmith -
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BILL ROBERTS, Ornamental Metalsmith

Custom Design Metal Arts
3740 NE 40th PL # D
Ocala, Florida 34479

Phone / Whatsapp 352-355-6156.


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